JPR Team


About The JPR Team

The J Public Relations team is a group of savvy, extremely connected, award-winning PR professionals with a proven track record for providing clients with top-tier media results. We are foodies, fashionistas, travelers and night owls, and, most importantly, we are your core demographic. JPR focuses on clients we are passionate about and that resonate with us. Our team embodies the brands we represent. And who better to have telling the story of your business than someone who truly believes in it, who lives it?

The JPR team is creative, smart, spirited, honest and above all, hard-working.

JPR digs in and gets down to business to get to know our clients and their customers inside and out. We serve as an extension of our clients’ internal sales and marketing team.

We don’t believe it’s about spin and we’re definitely not about fluff. We believe it’s about storytelling. And if you have a good story, we make sure we tell the right people.

JPR’s targeted, thoughtful approach to PR has earned us a reputation as a resource for media across a broad spectrum of top tier media outlets nationwide. Our experienced team is well versed in representing first-class, luxury lifestyle, hospitality and travel clientele.

Don’t let the pink fool you®